Migration of existing samples database "HSQLDB" to "Derby"
Sample tutorial: ZKtodo2

This sample is from the next tutorial: Step by Step Tutorial - A Real-World Application with Database
But this is tutorial is old versioned .
So I downloaded from ZK Community
Here we select ZK Forge on SF.net
From this SourceForge.net Repository,we download zktodo2.tar.gz

Completed NetBeans Project is here.

Here are change point from original.

Move resources/META-INF/persistence.xml --> src/java/META-INF/persistence.xml

Move webapp/WEB-INF/classes/ zktodo2.properties --> src/java / zktodo2.properties

Move resources/dataSourceContext.xml,spring-context.xml --> web/WEB-INF/dataSourceContext.xml,spring-context.xml